SOLD- Ortofon 2m Black

Up For Sale my 2m Black.
All original packaging, around 300 hrs use. I’ve been using it mostly on my second turntable (Garrard 401) but got one to many Cartridges and need to pay for my Phono Stage so it has to go.
As you know this is a top class MM Cart.
£250 + delivery


Very nice cartridge!

Wasn’t the Big L after one of these a few months back?

Not me, had one a few years ago and it’s a cracking cart.

I’m carted out with the Io now.

ok - sorry, my mistake


Try @MGOwner Terry, he was after one last year…

Nice thought. But I’m after a Hana SL now :+1:

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2m black less than half price of Hana SL
Just a thought.

I already have a Red & a Blue, so looking for summat different.

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