SOLD Pair of Altec 803a 15” 16 ohm alnico woofers from 1956

Lots of details on the web on these fabulous speakers, including on a pair just like these on hifitown here: Altec 515A, 515B, 803A, 803B, 416A

This pair are all original (clamped, 20409 stamped cones with treated paper surrounds etc).

Both measure 8.1 ohm DCR and play wonderfully with no buzzes, scrapes etc. In amazing condition given their 65+ year age.

Only blemish is that they both got some light paint spatters on the cones somewhere along the way and are a bit dusty.

Would make an awesome pairing with my some of other gear for sale (e.g. RCA MI 9458 or Renkus Heinz SSD 5600 drivers). Just add a (very) large horn (e.g. SATO) and some tweeters.

I’m based in Dublin and cash-on-collection most welcome, but happy to ship (preferably UK/EU) at buyer’s expense and risk.

Asking €1600 and payment via bank transfer or paypal friends/gift.

Pics available on the diyaudio post here: (155) For Sale - Pair of Altec 803a 15” 16 ohm alnico woofers from 1956. | diyAudio

PM for further pics/details etc.