*SOLD* Psvane 12AU7-T ( = ECC82) x4 matched and tested

Also = 5814A / E82CC / 6067 / CV4003 / CV491 / M8136 / 6189 / B329

Sam found these while rummaging for stuff, and since I forgot I had them and don’t need them, they’re up for grabs…

They’ve just a few dozen hours use since I bought them and the reason for that is these were made with slightly under-diameter pins, so the amp they were meant to go in didn’t like them. Good amps with good tube bases are fine. They come in original boxes, with insert cards etc.

They now cost $99 a pair (plus shipping, taxes, conversion charges, etc.) - ALL 4 - £45

P&P pro-rata, or come and collect 'em from PE11 3SE and get a cuppa too.

Small correction - the E182CC is electronically quite like the ECC82 but it has a different pinout. You could add B329 to the list though.


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Rookie mistake. :sunglasses:

Thanks Graeme! :+1:

And yes, Dave, compared to the great man, we’re all rookies, not least me :+1:

The orange tube tester you have Paul is that one of the better ones?
I am thinking of buying one.

Ill have these if they are still available.

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Bugger beaten to it

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Yours Edd.

On the upside, it’s reliable, sanely-priced and easy to use.
On the downside it doesn’t do any Octal pre-amp tubes at-all, doesn’t do ECC88s and is a tad slow in operation.

Any recommendations?


Seriously Dave, this needs its own thread, but the broad answer is the good ones are all very old, very scarce, very big, are now VERY expensive - especially when they are serviced and complete (which they must be to be anything other than an expensive paperweight), and have always been a challenge for us mere mortals to operate.

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Closing :slight_smile:

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