SOLD Pure Sound T10 moving-coil step-up transformer

Time to start moving-on my back-ups, and their back-ups . . . . aaaand their back-ups… &c ad naus

Had this about a decade, but it’s not had a huge amount of use, and is in very good aesthetic and functional condition. These greatly out-perform their price point. Complete with original box and packing materials, including the 1m grounding cable it was supplied with*.

Specs from Pure Sound’s website: “The T10 contains two wide bandwidth, custom manufactured transformers with MuMetal cores. The transformers have a step up ratio of 1:36 switchable to 1:18 and therefore allow for the adjustment of cartridge loading between 36 and 144 ohms.

These are now £370. How about £115 collected / postage at cost.

*(if you need a longer grounding wire, just let me know - I’ve got kilometres of wire around the place)


Yes please



All yours John. Want the P10 as well? :wink:

:zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

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Sorry just seen you’ve also listed one, I’ll delete this

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On-hold pending payment; I’ll update in due course.


I see this one hasn’t had the punos upgrade :nerd_face:

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