SOLD: Rega Planar 2 with RB250 and Linn K5

For sale, my standard colour Rega Planar 2 with Rega RB250 arm and a nice Linn K5 cart. Works really well and has a new silicon belt on it. Good condition, demo more than welcome. This is collection only or I can deliver if you are local.

Looking for £150, which is a steal for how good this sounds.

The lid is fine, no cracks or dings, same with the plinth and platter. Original mat etc… No mods apart from the belt.

I am based in Cheshire, I do travel to Milton Keynes at least once a month.

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Might be interested Bob. Give me an hour to txt my sister. Do you have the box?

No box sorry. I can pop it over and you are most welcome to give it a whirl.

I am looking for a deck for my sister who lives in Dublin. I’ve sent her a message. I won’t need a demo if she wants it. I’ll pink it up as I need to return your phono stage anyway. My Allnic returned in good health the other day.

Bugger, I would have had this off you yesterday! Nice price by the way :thumbsup:

Sorry Bob, she says ‘No!’. Claims she wants to buy a new house and maybe go on a holiday instead. Fucking cheek…

No probs

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Any chance to send a few pictures of the deck please?

Thank very much

Hello, can you send a few pictures, I’m looking for a long time for this deck in good condition.

Thanks very much

Hi I am away from home, can send you some Friday evening. Pls confirm your email address on PM


I just arrive on this community, and i don’t know how send PM, I can’t find the way, any chance to give me a little help.


Just tap on their avatar and hit the message button

Oh yes, thank you very much for your help


PM sent


OK, back home. Apologies for the wait and after checking it’s a K5 cart.

Pics below…

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email sended

I also sended a PM


Sold Sold Sold via AA.