Sold: Yamaha AS1000 Integrated Amplifier

Next up from my mates clearout, PM me for contact details:

Excellent condition with one slight mark on the front left facia (as in photo). Rated at 115W. Excellent phono input for MM. A 22Kg monster of an amp with a very impressive open sound. Drives with great ease and control. Comes with original remote control. One of the better integrated amps out there at its price.

Asking £435


Now also listed on eBay.

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beautiful amp , crazy why it has not sold

I know. This is still the cheapest one I can find, they go for over a grand in Japan.




Ive had mine for 4ish years now. Very well built, feels like a quality item. The phono stage is superb (for an integrated amp of this ilk) , i have no intention of changing it.


If I wasn’t skint after buying Waynes R2R and my new phono stage, I’d be having it.

Seriously thinking about it here, too :thinking:

I could always buy the Sony back off you Rob :laughing:

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Jog on…

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