SOLD: Zingali Overture .3S floorstanders

CI’m going to be selling most of my second system due to lack of use more than anything. So first up are my Zingali Overtures.

They are around 92db so ideal for low powered valve amps but they are just as happy with solid state. I have been using them with a Karan integrated (also for sale) and it has proved to be a great pairing. If anyone can remember back to the early Scalford days I ran a pair with a 20w Emille Ara integrated.

The drivers are in exceptional condition btw. Also these are the front ported version making room placement far less of an issue. I use them just a few inches out from a rear wall as pictured.


The Track Audio isolation plinths are not included.




Sounded very nice in that smallish room


What are the dimensions?

107 H x 25 W x 34 D

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was reading a hi fi mag yesterday and some lovely zingali speakers in there , i was thinking we don`t see many for sale and then yours pop up. beautiful looking speaker

Heard some zingalis playing ‘the bingo song’ on the end of some bow kit at a hi fit show many moons ago. It really sticks in my mind.


Such beautiful speakers. I’ve always loved the look of those designs, but never had occasion to hear any.