Solder iron - Is this a standard tip?

Advice please. My soldering iron tip has gone very rusty the unit has no manuf name. I did buy it from Marlins a long time ago
Does it look like a standard tip if so what do I specify?

For simple light soldering

or should I buy something else?


Sadly there’s relatively little standardisation among soldering iron parts, particularly once they have features like temperature control. I’m afraid you’ll need to check the Maplin part no for the iron and contact them (or, if you’re lucky, just check their website) for a replacement tip.


Graeme OK cheers

If Maplins are NFG (and godnose they so often are…) . . .

If you can get the knurled collar undone and free the tip from the iron, you should have some uncorroded metal at the base of the tip to measure the diameter of shaft and flange - that will give you a guide to what will fit from other manufacturers. Then it’s a matter of looking for that size on ebay, or finding data sheets with sizing info on.

Alternatively, most Maplins stuff is generic Chinese which is marketed elsewhere under dozens of names - so you can search ebay and Ali Express for visually similar units and find tips for those which will almost certainly fit, or be cheap enough that it’s no biggy if they don’t.

When you find the right one, buy plenty so they never again end-up looking like that sketchy POS - guaranteed fubar solder joints using anything that looks like that!

Thanks for the support- Update I searched Maplins website and found what looks to be a suitable tip set.

The helpline switchboard transferred me to Coventry instead of Oxford and told me they could do a shop to shop transfer but neglected to mention that this would cost me £10 in addition to the tip cost of £6.99. Photos of these tips are not detailed enough to say 100% they will fit but there is an identical looking soldering iron on the tips photos. The guy in Oxford did say that new stock is due in 10 days -I will wait.

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If you want to borrow my solder station to get a job done just ask.


Cheers Graham but there is no real urgency so I am happy to wait for my own bits.

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