Solo Gig Attendance

Anyone done much by way of going to gigs solo? Few things coming up in Bordeaux that I’d like to go to, but have no one in my local circle that’s even remotely interested. Not quite sure how weird it would be going on my todd, it always seems like such a communal thing.

Loads of times.

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I’ve done it plenty of times, and I have tickets for I Like Trains in London and Sea Power in Oxford, both of which will be solo efforts.

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Few times here, too and it’s fine.

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90% of the time.

Doesn’t bother me at all.

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Not weird in my experience and in any case often find myself chatting with other folks attending and having a good night.

I’d certainly rather go alone than make the mistake of dragging Hel there and watching her pull a face and generally complain and spoil it so she doesn’t have to go again :rofl:


Yep, every one of the six gigs I have been to this year.

Well alright then, solo gigging it is then. Unless anyone here wants to come see Placebo and / or Infected Mushroom in Bordeaux


I wish

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Would love to!

And yes, in general barely went to gigs at all until my late forties, now not wanting to miss out anything at all, if necessarily by me myself and I.
Last week @ Keb Mo with eldest daughter, we met two elderly ladies that each decided they shouldn’t miss out either and went by theirselves :slight_smile:


With my taste in music I have no choice but go alone.


Ha ! I was going to post summat similar but I thought an obvious post would be too obvious.

There’s going alone and then there’s being the only one there.


On my own again tonight, for a gig in here, the Bishop’s House

Very cozy inside, 27 seats


With that architecture, a trippin’ concert is guaranteed.

It’s lively but soothing music from a local trio. Look for Auka on Bandcamp, the album is called Evergreen. Lovely stuff.


Well I’ve bought my solitary ticket for Placebo.

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Infected Mushroom (or tight undercrackers) ?