Some fancy pants bits and pieces

Ok, I’m going to be having a bit of a clear out as I’m looking at getting in some rather exciting new bits and pieces just in time for Christmas, here’s the list:

Pioneer PD95 (probably the best CD player ever built - full service just done)

An absurdly rare EAR/Yoshino TdP prototype Pre/Phono from Mr Gilmour’s studio. (Full service just done)

Ken Kesslers 60th anniversary Ls3/5a’s (mint, really mint, I will probably be hiding these in my wardrobe)

Thorsten Loesch’s Adagio DAC (essentially an AudioNote 4 but built by Thorsten as a non oversampling DAC, just about to go for a service)
Info on the Adagio:

Lumley ST70 & LV1 pre (just serviced with all new tubes including x4 NOS GEC kt88’s)

Sonneteer Sedley Phono Stage (sounds fantastic)

Quad 34 & 405-2 (awaiting service but assured fully working)

Thorens TD126 mk.iv (lovely condition, just awaiting hinges)

Now all those prices are just guides, based roughly on past sales or just made up by me with zero foundation other than an active imagination.

I know you lot are mean thrifty swines that would charge a nurse to be rescued from a canal but I can deal with that. Bring on the haggle, the elaborate part exchange, the golden egg laying geese and the magic beans!

Pictures of any of the above should you want them :slightly_smiling_face:

Feel free to PM me your ridiculous demands!

I might add I have a weakness for MC cartridges, SUT’s, a nice rack perhaps as I’m bored with looking at my HiFi racks one?

Oh, based within the boundaries of the commuters republic of Swindon, can deliver within an hours radius :slight_smile:

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nothing? I’m in need of a nice MC cartridge after lending mine to a distraught customer who’s own one had died that morning.

also have x4 exBBC RP2/10’s / technics sp-10mk2’s up for grabs!

@Spider might be after an sp10

Is the above this that you have advertised on PFM:

And if so, where are you buying your drugs? As I would like some the same.


nope, that’s another thing, I’d forgotten about that, it’s still here, would you like it?

I would consider paying you a small sum of money not to make any further such threats :ok_hand:



all that gubbins, drop me a PM I’m sure I could make you an offer you couldn’t refuse :slight_smile:

oh, I’ve tested two of the sp-10’s both work, I haven’t gotten around to the other two as they require faff and it’s all just too much for me and my crappy back at the moment

its yours!

I’ll have my man pop round and settle-up with you…



Does this one have the power supply?

I believe that it does, it’s on board isn’t it? Unless that’s the sh-10ep that has the corresponding plug on it??