Some kit for sale

Before I put up long, boring sales spiel and pics etc on things that nobody is remotely interested in, could anyone be interested in the following? Good prices, obvs -

Nak 600 cassette deck
Border Patrol BP300B SE power amp. It’s the early / prototype (?) which has just had a fair bit of work done on it by our very own Wanker, Graeme @Valvebloke :slightly_smiling_face:
Bewitched / Puresound CD-8000 with the Guy recommended GE (?) valves
Philips CD-471 CDP - I really rate this player
Nirvana Electronic Works (N. E. W.) A60 Power Amp - 25W of Class A loveliness - this thing sounds ace - Sold

All in excellent condition (except the BP, which is a bit ugly / brutish) and 100% working.

There are a few other bits and a fair few records will follow, at some point.

Just let me know.



Also added

Audiomods Classic II tonearm - in it’s original wooden box with all accessories
Denon DP-3000 TT - motor unit. In excellent condition - Sold