Some more vinyl for sale


One of the reasons was contents insurance.
If there was a fire you would have a record of your collection (You can request a .csv file from Discogs)
They also give you a min/median/max valuation based on actual sales which might be handy if an insurance company asks you to value your collection.

It also means that if you sell anything (especially rare records) they are correctly described with regard to version etc.


Must get around to that one day (month)


Final reductions. Anything left goes to charidee.


Go on then - I’ll have the Shakti/J McLaughlin album :+1:


Any offers for what’s left before it goes to the local hospice charity?

Courtney Marie Andrews - Honest Life (NM) £8
Grin - Gone Crazy (VG) £2
Sand Snowman - Two Way Mirror (NM) £3
Santana - IV (NM) £10
Shankar - Vision (NM) £3