Some more vinyl for sale


PM me if you have any questions/offers. I have record boxes for posting. I think most LPs or double LPs can be posted for £3.

Courtney Marie Andrews - Honest Life (NM) £8
Grin - Gone Crazy (VG) £2
Sand Snowman - Two Way Mirror (NM) £3
Santana - IV (NM) £10
Shankar - Vision (NM) £3

** see Discogs about the pressing:

*** 2016 US release

African Head Charge - Off The Beaten Track (M-) £10 SOLD STP
African Head Charge - Environmental Studies (M-) £10 SOLD STP
African Head Charge - My Life In a Hole In The Ground (M-) £10 SOLD STP
African Head Charge - Drastic Season (M-) £10 SOLD STP
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Phosphorescent Harvest inc 7" (NM) £5 SOLD STP**
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (peach coloured vinyl) (NM) £7 SOLD STP
Funkadelic - Free Your Mind (VG+) £6 SOLD STP
Funkadelic - America Eats Its Young (NM) £7 SOLD STP
Gillian Welch - The Harrow And The Harvest (NM) £10 SOLD STP
Julian Cope - Peggy Suicide (NM) £8 SOLD STP
Shakti with John McLaughlin - Natural Elements (VG) £2 SOLD STP
The Andromeda Strain OST - (NM) £3 SOLD STP***
The Bevis Frond - Any Gas Faster (NM) £7 SOLD STP


Yes please


AHC - off the Beaten Track please Gareth


All the other AHC please


And all the funkadelic too


Yes please!
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Phosphorescent Harvest inc 7" (NM) £5 **
EDIT: and
The Andromeda Strain OST - (NM) £3 ***
The Bevis Frond - Any Gas Faster (NM) £7


Blimey - it’s flying off the shelves


I was too slow. I would have taken all the AHC and Funkadelic too…:persevere:.


With both of those bands, I have found that I like only a couple of their albums.

The first Funkadelic LP is awesome. From AHC, Songs Of Praise and Visions Of A Psychedelic Africa are the only ones I listen to.


Surely that’s not the point. Owning not playing is the essence of all things vinyl


You’ve started early


It’s probably the after effects of @Malbec’s legendary 6 day weekends.


Peggy Suicide please Gareth


Yes, anyone would think you had decent taste in music :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never been accused of that before.


Bugger too slow wmissed the Gillian Welch


Shut up
Be Quite
Nothing to see here
Go and sit in the corner on your own

(I have been spending a ridiculous amount of time recording my collection on discogs, 5 shelves done, 11 to go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Try doing it when most is pre barcodes.


A great deal is pre-barcodes unfortuntely., It can take ages to find the right version of a record.
Some of the Dylan albums have been released over 150 times. Not all vinyl of course so that does cut it down but it can be quite a lot of work


Why? :thinking: