Something in the air

People going about their business, walking their own path

Today, I drove out of the next village, glanced across and caught site of the neighbours daughter. First year student, resplendent now in tie dye floaty overalls and sporting a graduated light to dark purple hair do. First time I’ve seen her in any thing other than baggy jeans and a jumper

Yesterday, driving up to the school, a new red mini went past, top down. The female driver sported an orange complexion that would see Trump high tailing it to the tanning saloon for some extra orange along with neon green hair. Audition for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Sunday, riding through the lanes, relatively middle of nowhere (for around here), stood in a layby between two hedges, a tall slim chap in black suspenders, super mini black lace skirt and black singlet.

Wonder what’s in store tomorrow?


You are gonna wake up in an embarrassing stain :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Your Brighton mini-break comes to an end and you head home?


@Stu will ask you to stop loitering in his cul-de-sac


I didn’t see you, you should have waved.

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Hello sweetie

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