Sonos Amp + Sonos Sonance in ceiling speakers

I’m seriously considering buying the above to go into our new kitchen. I think it will be a neater and better sounding solution than a DAB radio sat on the windowsill.

Any observations / experiences / better alternatives please?

I once had a very nice little system in my kitchen. They’re was no fucking point, whenever I’m in there it’s noisy and I’m doing something. I am totally happy now with the Squeezebox Boom I’ve had for years.

Just a radio or whatever is fine IMO.

Didn’t you have ls3 type Harbeths?

I use a JBL Charge 5 - water and dirt proof makes it ideal for kitchen use. Plus I travel with it so the portability works.

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I use one of those denon all in one things and some onyko speakers for dab

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Yeah, HL3s or something. Very silly for a tiny kitchen!

I had a pair of Sonos Ones and they worked well. Changed to a Sonos Beam under the TV, we have a 32 inch set.

Originally I was against having a TV but I’m glad we put one in now.

We have a pair is Sonos Ones up high in the kitchen out is the way.
Usually voice control them.

Perfectly good enough sound.
Go loud enough so you can hear above anything you’re doing, if needed.

Mostly it’s just radio but Spotify and even Qobuz gets used sometimes.

Party mode - whole house, garage and garden is fun.
"The whole shack shimmies, funky little shack":joy:

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In traditional AA style, I’ve just bought a Blusound powernode.


I use one of those for the garden. Superb bit of kit.