Sonos troubleshooting

I’ve put my network share and local network account credentials into the Sonos app.

They seem to be accepted but I don’t have any local library appear. Sorry, not much to go on there. @Gyroscope any common gotchas?


Have you got a local library under “Browse” (musical note icon one from the left at the bottom) with nothing in it? Or just nothing at all?

They’ve only (very) recently implemented SMB > 1 so if your NAS is locked to e.g. 2 I’d make sure that the Sonos is bang up to date.

Nowt. Not a sausage.

I was just about to mention SMB. I might have locked the NAS to v3 so maybe I need to include 2.

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Didn’t work. I went all the way back to SMB v1 to test it.

I’ve confirmed it’s definitely accessing the share. If I try with no credentials it says access denied. With the correct username and password it works.

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Sorry, I don’t know what else to suggest.

I assume you set your NAS to SMB 2 (or 1), removed and then re-added your local library.

At that point it should start indexing immediately. Or flash up “access denied” etc.

The path never shows up

Sorry, I’ve had a long think about this and can’t come up with many/any scenarios that would fail like this.

Sonos support are responsive and good. And the forums (“community”) are OK, although like anywhere else there are a couple of million-post fanboys (“Ratty”) who will tell that the product is perfect, you’re an idiot and you should use the search function.

Instead of setting up the initial connection on a phone maybe install the desktop app on a laptop and try it there?

Just a guess.