Sony PS 6750 turntable

As you may know I have bought an SP10 and arm, and had to pay for a plinth…

So I need to get a little bit of cash back to help. I have for sale my excellent Sony PS 6750. I’d quite happily keep it, apart from the fact that I don’t have a second system and can’t see me ever needing one. So I have to resist hoarding.

It’s working fine. Carbon fibre integral arm, removable anti static dust cover. Original oil filled mat. Original magnesium headshell. Strobe works. Bought from OCTH of this parish.

£350 for meat men, and a steal at that. If I don’t shift it I won’t lose sleep, other than having nowhere to put it! Ideal plug and play, but way better than that…
Available from August.

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What is the string thing on the arm?

Cable ties. Just to hold the arm in place for the drive back.
That was the day I set it up.
Maybe not the best photo!

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You have a pm.

Hi do you still have turntable for sale? Regards

Its been a month so I expect JB has it for sale…

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I want to buy how it can be

Not for sale any more.

Are you @Ciderpig in disguise?

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Bedroom system and those charity shop speakers means sudden opening for TT.

THat and I discovered my old technics amp has a phono stage.

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