Sony ta fa30es, radford, valves, quad systendek

Stus clutch and small 1.2 runabout fund starts with a very nice Sony amp

They sell for around 275 to 325 on ebay,
Condition is very good with a built in mm/mc phono stage

Lovely amp to use, and in perfect working condition
Has a few smallish marks on top

No remote, but a touch of cloth is good for them


Posting could be a problem as it won’t fit in a banana box. I possibly may have a London via Bristol trip coming up

My speakers might be up for sale very soon, but trying to hold onto them til last


What speakers are they Stu? Not your horns :grimacing:

Yes, be perfect for you :slight_smile:

I’d like the amp please.

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Whereabouts are you?

I’m in Suffolk, where are you?

Near Plymouth
I’m usually fine posting most stuff, but getting a good enough large box might be a struggle

Would your London trip be near Brixton?

It’s not a definite, but would only be around Heathrow I’m afraid. If I can get a decent box sorted, I’ll give you first shout


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Think Mrs P might disagree with you there.

Some more odds and sods I need to move on before ebay looms

Garrard sp25 mk3 not in plinth, in very nice condition, cart has been wired up for mono

£35 plus postage

Superb condition quad fm4 £130 plus postage

Bit of a tricky one to put a price on, a Radford rc24 pre amp in tatty condition, last couple I saw sell early in the year went for £250 and £300 but were in loads better condition than this, was hoping @Valvebloke may have an idea

Next is what I believe is a copy of a radford power amp as it came with paperwork, box is bog standard DIY fare with no lid, again price wise I’d need help

Also an old rotel from I guess early 70s with wooden cheeks, think it’s a rt 320 £30
Also have quite a a few vales that have been tested that need to go…

Think there is more I need to dig out

Happy to take pics of it all if any interest

If a route can be sorted between here and Suffolk, I’d be happy to meet at services if a few pound could be chucked in for fuel.

Sorry Stu, I’m the wrong person to ask about prices. I mend bust stuff, mostly. I don’t really buy and sell it. I guess you mean an SC24, in which case it’s a solid-state unit, so I’ve never seen one here. In the end it’ll come down to whether the tatty state is mostly cosmetic, in which case you’d need to find a buyer who didn’t mind (or who had plenty of Letraset and a very steady hand), or whether it’s functional, in which case you’d need to factor in the repair costs. Steve and Will Moores at Radford Revival might be able to help there.

Is this a valve or transistor amp ? In either case the answer will depend on build quality and the components used and if it’s a valve amp there will be particular interest in the transformers. Original Radford transformers were very clever things. Again Steve and Will have the specs which allow them to make good modern replicas.


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Bring the radford bits and the LS35A’s over the the office for pics and put them on the Bay. If shipping is an issue I can do it for you?


Yes sc24 was more if you knew the amp more than the price

Couple of pics of pre and power

Cool, the Sony and the power amp are the problem box size wise, I’m 99% sure the ls3/5as will go to far East via Heathrow, so may end up driving them there

Will also try and get round to listing some valves tomorrow

Is there any interest for valves here and would need to be guided here price wise as I started to try and list some on ebay last night and lost the will to live

They have all been kindly tested by a local oap who has a testing machine thing

A mixture of 81s,82s,83s,cv 4024
Mullards,phillips miniwatt brimar etc

Heathrow that is, fucked if I’m driving to maylasia with a dodgy clutch

Michell mycro

In superb condition with original box
Comes with original packing
Fitted with rega rb 300 tonearm
Only down side is the cartridge tags need crimping tighter as they felt sloppy when fitting cart, I didn’t fancy doing it incase I flattened them

You won’t find a better version than this

Not happy to post, but will drive to bris, Heathrow or nec Birmingham for petrol cost

£600 cash in unmarked fivers

Need to get this clutch sorted so has to go


Stock pic but can sort some out if there is interest