Sort prices tinorrow


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Make lists if any intertered

1ll start adding prices tomorrow

Am interested in the reggae Stu

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Substance please

Just post a text list? The photos are causing upload meltdown… stuck after the Alfie one for me…
Car yeae?

You have broken the internet Stu :rofl:

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Have a a really bad day , will sort it tinorrow

Not in the best head space at present chaps

Will try and sort it properly soon

Look after yourself Stu. I’m sure you’ll come through it. You know where we are …

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Mate, if you need to talk, join in with the pub tomorrow. Unfortunately I’m in work early Saturday so I won’t be providing much alcohol fuelled entertainment but you know, we can all just chat, and that helps, believe me.


Thanks all it’s all got a bit to heavy and not a good situation. Thanks though :+1:


I’m struggling a bit too mate, had a few days last week where I nearly walked out of work and was going to take as much time off with stress as I could get away with. I do realise I’m actually lucky to be in work, but it’s starting to get a bit strung out in our place again as the 2nd wave is building up.

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Cheers Rob, but think is councillor stuff unfortunately

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Get some counselling then mate, if it’s available, and in the meantime don’t forget, mates are counsellors too. Cunts, but also counsellors. Counselling Cunts. That’s the Abattoir in a nutshell.


Ludite question. But is there a foolproof simple way of checking the vinyl I want sell?

I did a get a phone number from the doc about relate yesterday. If she sorts me a cottage or bungalow out tomorrow, I’ll go


Make the call mate, good luck.


What Rob said.

Me too. Chats with Dave have been good.

In no order whatsoever

The the soul mining box set

Superb condition £60

Id suggest making a a pile with is as it will be be posted with dpd which is a tenner

4 Floyd albums

Ah fuck it, I’m wasting my time trying to do this

Sorry folks