Reet. Asking for trouble, perhaps but

Currently running a Naim MuSo beneath my telly. It’s admirable and does what it needs to

However, an imminent move of house is shoving me towards a wall mounted soundbar in the smal-ish living room area of our new house

Anyone the wiser? I have a small Sonos thingie and it’s very decent for what it is, I could be tempted to use a Sonos, but does anyone have any experience of another soundbar … and do any of them ‘do’ surround-ish sound?

Try here too

Think the LG Atmos capable one was reviewed by the LinusTechTips channel on youtube (it might have been a Sony one, meh) - they were impressed by it.

Even the cheapo 100 quid soundbars are a reasonable upgrade from the built in TV speakers judging by watching a film or two at my brother’s place last week. He has a cheap Sony one with an external woofer. Not spent any time with the more expensive ones, I know Sky were doing an offer on one which they teamed up with Devialet to produce - they seem to go for about 3-400 on ebay, seems to be well reviewed.

Or, bin the TV.


I have kids. The TV stays.

I think a cheapo option is bound to dissapoint with me coming from the MuSo

I’m stil trying to work out where the best place to have a decent listen from time to time will be: up in the attic with a pair of cans on me bonce, i reckon

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FWIW Sonos just announced their Beam today.

I looked at buying one once, forget the make but it was pretty expensive. The guy came round to fit it and after a lot of effort said it didn’t work from a surround sound perspective. He said it must be the room shape, furniture or the 100 gallon fish tank I had at the time.

In the end I bought a Q Acoustics Q-TV2 which doesn’t do surround sound but is a massive improvement over the built in internal speakers. It was about £260 new.

get a pair of AN/Es turn them sideways and screw them to the wall

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I have a Sonos soundbar plus sub. I went this route because the TV is in the corner in the new house and surround speakers would have looked really odd.

Great for TV and music and ok for films. Doesn’t match the full surround kit I used to have, Monitor Audio MASS plus Yamaha amp but brilliant for 90% of our viewing.

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I’l leaning a wee bit toward the sonos … though find the cost of the sub rather off-putting for something I doubt is competetive vs., other 500 quid subs

It is pricey but it works really well for general viewing. You won’t get the full slam of a proper AV Movie system.

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Personally I find all subs oppressive (uh oh, Bob’s gonna take away my membership of the basshead club), and the Sonos particularly so.

For me the Sonos soundbar on its own has plenty of welly.


For general tv, gaming and movies a soundbar on it’s own is fine. I’m still using a pretty ancient Yamaha (YSP-900 iirc).
If you want the real home cinema experience then a full array of surround speakers and sub is the only way to go.

recommend a playbar without sub…has decent bass/low level detail enough for everyday and can be pretty good for box sets/films. The biggest selling point here was that it is something the wife is happy to be on all the time, as opposed to having to switch on a surround system for the odd film. See if you can get one on return policy.
Oh, and the other reason is if you have other sonos speakers of coarse…nice app on the iPhone too…

Think I’ll give the new Somos Beam a whirl

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I need a tiny little sound bar that I clip atop my laptop screen. Is there anything not inherently shit out there?

Tsk, tsk. As the owner of 4 subs, you obviously need training.

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Sure Coco could knock you something up for that Jon…

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Can you attach a soundbar to a laptop screen with scaff clamps?