SP10 mk2, Funk arm, Tenuto, Alto Extremo

All change here, this has been the toughest decision. Got a Brinkmann Oasis recently and frankly it didn’t sound as good the SP10/Funk. Disappointing to say the least…

Patience, perseverance and more money has paid off and I’ve got the Oasis sounding pretty good. Different rather than much better, somewhat more to my taste but I’d be as happy keeping the SP10. The Brinkmann is a nice thing, beautifully engineered so I’ve decided to keep it.

So… the SP10 must go, first dibs here

It’s a Mk2, I purchased from a chap who’d bought it from Dave Crawley, I saw the receipt of sale (but he didn’t forward it). I didn’t see detailed details of the servicing but apparently caps etc were all done, the usual Sound Hifi service.

The bad, there is a scratch on the face of the Power Supply, it’s missing it’s plastic nob and the PS on light no longer lights up. The strobe no longer works and the previous owner removed the brake. It very occasionally misreads the speed on switch on, switch to 45 fire it up and switch back problem solved. Never been more of a hassle than that for me. When I spoke to DC at a show about this he said it wasn’t a problem.

The plinth is Oak veneered birch ply, very heavy and inert. Two arm boards one for 290mm (Jelco 12") is solid oak and one for the Funk 12" 295.6mm is engineered oak ply with oak veneer. Arm boards are straightforward to make.

Plinth has a little discolouration on one back corner and a tiny dent below the arm, neither are obvious

The good, it sounds awesome, proper high end for a pittance, the more so with a Tenuto and really good arm… :grin:

SP10 with stock rubber platter mat, plinth and arm boards SOLD

Puresound Tenuto gunmetal mat, boxed SOLD

Now the arm

Funk Firm FX3, check out the reviews, in particular there are plenty of user reviews, all stellar. Compared to SME V, the Funk sounded far more natural, decays to die for that were truncated via the SME. It made my previous Jelco 750L with Oyaide headshell sound muddy and indistinct. What really surprised was the way it allowed my Denon DL103 to come to life. It was poor on the Jelco but so good on the Funk I sold a PTGii and kept it as my spare.

Leads are one length of wire from the cart pins to a pair of RCA phono’s with earth. No need to buy a phono cable

This here is the 12" version, Linn/Rega 3 hole mounting, retail was £2500 when I bought though it looks like Arthur has brought the price down to £1990 via his site

I’ve owned from new, boxed with papers


Complete the look with the Alto Extremo Neoflex mag/lev absorbers. A bit of a luxury. Obvs they isolate the plinth from footfall, reckon the system sounds better with them too. Not a lot in it but on balance I thought they were worth it if only for the looks!

Not cheap £1500 retail


or £2200 the lot

Further pics available, any queries drop me a PM, collection from South Bucks though may be able to arrange an AA taxi or some such