Space clearing tat clear out

Recent multiplication has resulted in less space for extraneous stuff. So…

Sony EP9ES, one of the Jerry specials. No remote and a bit tatty, but otherwise a decent 2 channel DAC/pre for an inexpensive system. £45?

Arcam MCD, apparently made originally to be a transport only. The mech was used in an Anthem CD player so that bit is pretty decent for those fans of obsolete tech who want to use all six disc spaces to play a prog intro. No remote but universal remotes can work with it. Yours for a forum/charity donation.

Maplins XM20W regulated 12V power supply, for T amp shenanigans among other stuff. Again, donation to something will secure.

World Designs WD88VA set up as single input power amp (with volume pot). This is not for sale (cue usual hilarity), but is available for extended loan to a forum member in good standing . I will want it back at some point, but for now it is available for use by a deserving party.

Might possibly be able to send the first three but don’t bank on it, taxi/meatwagon would be very much preferable at the moment. The amp definitely won’t post so that will need alternative arrangements.

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Oooh, really quite fancy the Arcam MCD…

Whereabouts are you on the planet?

The middle class haven of Leamington Spa.

Ah, very nice, but a bit of a trek, sadly.

Please give anyone else who’s close and can collect priority, but if it is left and you wouldn’t mind posting it, I’d be happy to give it a good home.

Bump for the amp in particular. Two small people and valve amps are not going to work very well together so it can be available for Chelsea player style loan (except without the whole profiteering from the dreams of young people bit) for a few years.