Spalding bake off/social, Sat 9th September


New Zealand?
I’ll be in bloody Bulgaria…


Mick, sorry but I’m not going to be able to make this one :frowning:


Yes New Zealand, just stopping off overnight (camping) then back on the Sunday :rofl:


What you doing in a Womble?


Your getting as bad as Stuart was, in not being able to make a bakeoff.




Underground or overground, apparently it’s free…


Finally found Micks abode !whifting smell of pulled pork and sausage …can’t wait to saviour them ,been listening to Ian’s music selection ,impeccable taste that lad has …oh dear the rains arrived …time for banter …


Have they locked down the men’s room?
Or just hidden the rolls?


Thanks Mick for a great afternoon of music, food and banter. Good to see a few people I’ve not seen for a while.


Thanks Mick for hosting and Edd for cooking. Good to see everyone. Liking the PS Audio kit :+1:


No Dean.


Even Dean would have been challenged!
Great day, many thanks to our hosts, chefs and bakers.
Good to see Paul and Sam again.


Great Day!! Thanks to Jan and Mick not forgetting Edd for supplying and cooking the ribs…Good to see everyone !!!


No pics ?



Looks like I missed a good one. I would have gone but football and women got in the way.

Any leftovers?


Many thanks to Mick for hosting a great meat fest. Edd’s slow cooked ribs, and Mick’s slow cooked pork, made for lots of good eating, with plenty of drinks, and sweet things.
A very nice small holding, with plenty to sustain you.
Oh, there was some nice music, and lots of serious banter, but we survived it.
Great day.


Thanks everybody for coming yesterday, I know it was a trek for a lot of you. Shame about the weather but still thoroughly enjoyed your company.
Thanks for the goodies and Edd for cooking the ribs.
See you all again soon.


stolen from @cragger


What are the speakers?