Spalding bake off/social, Sat 9th September

Having a get together on Saturday 9th September Start at 11ish and finish whenever. Room for a few overnighters as long as you don’t mind the floor or sofa.

Paul and Sam
Mark (Maybe)

Yes please Mick

Provisional spot please but happy to drop out if you get enough confirmed.

Please mike…

Provisional yes from me, please, with overnight if possible

As discussed last Saturday, stick me down Mick :+1:

Hi Mick
Put me down for a spot.
Not seen you for a while, be good to catch up.

Yes, please, Mick.

Can I come please?
Will bring cake/meat/beer for Dean!!

You are more than welcome

Anyone who needs an over nighter is welcome at my place, I will likely have 2-3 spare rooms.

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Checking the diary, would like to attend.

Hi Mick, please put me on the provisional list. Won’t know for another month or so when wifey’s weekend work rota is produced.

Great…I hope that you realise that cake/meat/beer is actually a specialised dish from N.Ireland

Looking forward to this on Saturday.

I can’t make it yet again (!) due to being at a 70th wedding anniversary in Wellington :rage:

Sorry to here that Rob may be next time.

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Will send PMs out later today

I’m going to get hopelessy drunk as form of recompence to myself.

I never seem tobe able to get to yours or Edds or Jims, it’s getting annoying!

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Yes, it feckin well is…:upside_down_face:

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