Spalding bakeoff - Meat the Dreiklangs: PM Sunday 12th November


Remind me - people actually live there on purpose, still? Yes? Not as some kind of punishment, but because they actually want to?!



Just had a gas engineer here,originally from London who has is missing it and is moving back soon.

More great anecdotes like this will be available in my new book due out in Feb 18.


Is he finding, the trees, rolling hills, clean air & lack of congestion on the roads all too much? Not enough knife crime perhaps or is it something else? The sinister looking cows & sheep that just stand & stare at you. Nightmarish.


Think he lives in Callington at the moment,so i can understand why he wants to go.:slightly_smiling_face:

His mum was ill so he moved here but now misses all his mates.Problem he has now,is affording to go back.

Getting back ot,would love to hear these speakers sometime.


What fresh madness is this!?


What the fuck have you done to your cat?


On topic


dancing babies freak me out more than fucking clowns.


You fuck clowns? :thinking:


If he does that freaks me out.



Oh great, now I’m going to have to get a new disguise for the next time he’s passed-out drunk with his trousers round his ankles…


Your alpaca onesie should do the trick.


They weren’t round my ankles WHEN I passed out but does explain why my farts made no noise for a few weeks.



Narelle’s made arrangements for me Sunday afternoon (late lunch at our local with a couple of neighbours), so can’t make it to the Dreiklang Demo.

So near, yet so far.


That’s prog for ya



Hopefully, I should be there.


Had a sneaky listen to these yesterday. They have tight, deep bass which is never boomy and are nice and even from top to bottom. I’m pretty certain these will do things that no other 9 grand speaker can get close to.

And best of all, they are fucking massive. :+1: :+1:


Yep, they make the standard Direkts look puny…:flushed:

Sounded great though - very well integrated, ultra dynamic, no rough edges - lovely :sunglasses:

I initially thought the cost was too much of a step up from the Direkt, but now I’ve heard them, I’d say they’re great vfm. :ok_hand:


Yep, they were a heart-over-head purchase for Sam and I, rather than a “business decision”!

Mmmmm… size is everything…


Heard them in Munich a couple or shows ago. I was with Jon and he requested
Some Black Sabbath (Paranoia) and it sounded sensational! Best sound at the show. To big for my flat unfortunately.