Spalding bakeoff - Meat the Dreiklangs: PM Sunday 12th November

Informal disc-spinning opportunity to listen to the Singing Washing-Machines for the dregs that wash-up from Edd’s bakeoff.

1pm onwards - let me know if you want to come so I can tell you to fuck off if I hate you :+1:


12th October?

Time travel opieop.

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sleep derivation fale

12th Nov

I’d love to as I will be local.

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Bah… Will be in Denmark doing tube geekery.

Sounds good, I shall be taxi for anyone still at mine.

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Bad news…I can make it.


Never mind the Porsche, why haven’t you got a helicopter?

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Nobody I particularly hate so far.


Fake news.


Good news, I can’t make it. :+1:

Damn would like to have had a listen to these, just too short notice for me I’m afraid.

It is alright just to grab some discs and come visit some time - contrary to popular belief nobody gets a gun to the head, loses organs, or even gets any “sales patter”.

(Admittedly it is too late to uninstall all the toiletcams, but then that PPV scat website won’t OC itself now, will it?.)


You are safe. I cannot make it. I am a bit sad about this…

Meat the Dreiklangs, with their mad alpaca. Sounds like the Addams Family, count me in!

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Sadly I can’t make it, dammit.

I wouldn’t mind hearing those big boys. but it’ll be too late.

If it was earlier…but you can’t drag that suppurating alcohol pickled carcase out of your pit on a Sunday morning can you? :crazy_face:

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It wouldn’t make any difference if he was driving this

The jams on the radial roads into London on a Sunday evening are visible from space.