Speaker cable termination

No. I don’t want to kill speaker wire.

I do have a long bit on the way to make into two pieces for a bedroom system (it’s only cheap, used QED stuff).

What’s the best way to terminate it? Just some screw on banana plugs? Do I need to tin the exposed copper or is that foo…

I am inclined to get a ten quid set off amazon and just crimp them on? The nice shrink fit factory ones make me have the want, so I wonder if there is a better way?

Bare wire

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Tin it

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Of course, now we can have a discussion about which solder to use…

Yes, this pleasure awaits along with the burns unit, possible relationship issues due to carpet defacement followed by the great flux debate - Inshallah.


Anyone got 8 plugs they want to sell?
I can manage to tin them, and I only have one roll of solder so no melt down on that choice (pun intended).

Solder bath for the win



Bit worried they make come end of next month.

Don’t you want 4mm rather than 2mm?
Shark type (a roll of metal with a small gap and serrated edges down the length) will grip better and can be fine adjusted with a screwdriver or pliers.

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Yes,put the wrong ones up

I use these as my mids and tweeters have old style small round spring terminals

Thanks, I need a set of 2mm for a pair of Rehdekos.