Speakers With Your Computer Rig

Having just set up a pair of small form factor speakers with MrsMooN’s home office… what are folks running and recommendations thereof

SONUS ONE’s I am really quite surprised and impressed at the audio quality of these small desktops, together with their built in connectivity to her main IMAC work and downtime music listening rig

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Desktop: sound card with RCA stereo output → Sony integrated amp → Tannnoy Autograph minis
Laptop: HDMI to TV → optical to main system DAC

I did use Eclipse TD 307s.

The little Sonos boxes are very good IMO.

I am also impressed with the SONOS network connectivity to any number of Sonos wireless Bluetooth satellite speakers that you can deploy around your home…Perfect for listening to the cricket in ones outside privy…

Workshop desk, looking uncharacteristically tidy. LS35A’s Near field.


I don’t play music while working

Audience 1+1 speakers plus Pro-ject Maia amp/dac/phono/ streamer all in one (when it arrives) with phone/ laptop and Technics SL7 as sources.

careful, or your new ‘business partner’ will soon stop all that fun at work :smiley:

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I like the inclusion of the forum on your screen. Perhaps you could post one of that photo on the forum on your screen - have some sort of Mandelbrot thing going on…


I have a pair of Event Opals for my entertainment whilst messing around on the pc.