Spec another starter system

One of the guys who works for us is looking to buy his son an upgrade to his stereo. His budget is £400 max and for that he needs -

  • Turntable with cartridge
  • Integrated amp with built in phono

What do you reckon and what have you got in your loft!

I had one of these as a student and it was, barring the silly speaker connectors, very nice. Would leave a reasonable amount for a TT.

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This is a couple of models up from the 246 E I recently stole off ebay but if it’s anywhere near as good then he’d be laughing.

I’ve one of these in the loft which is virtually brand (long story) - I’d be looking for £220 plus postage.


If he was interested I’ll dig out and set it up to make sure everything is hunky dory and get some pics of it.


I’ve been using the Kuzma into a Kenwood 3020se since I packed my main system away and it sounds very decent considering the miserly sum I paid for it. Downside is no remote other than that a nice affordable amp.

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Yes, very interested :+1:

I’ll set it up and get some pics done. :+1:

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It lives !

Something has got loose when I packed it away and scratched the feckin’ lid (pic 4) but I have a brand new Reloop branded version of the OM 5 cart that is on it just now - I’ll include that for nowt. The cart was factory fitted so it is plug and play no faff at all.

Sounds pretty good actually and the old school fully automatic feature works a treat.

One thing I would suggest is that it needs to be on a solid base or ideally a shelf as it’s not the heaviest TT and might be susceptible to jumping if the floor is a bit bouncy.


Noice. I reckon he’ll buy that off you :+1:

Tell him to get a tt shelf for it tho’ it will make all the difference. I played a few albums and 12" and it sounds surprisingly good.

I’ve stuck the other cart in the box as well but he can just switch the needles over when the time comes as they are identical carts (although it’s branded Reloop).

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