Spinnaker Hull Cali Dial

Having bought a couple of watches recently I need to head off the inevitable flak from swmbo.
I bought this a few years ago and have never really bonded with it. It’s a great watch, the California dial, dial texture, mini Radiomir ish styling all make it a very handsome thing. However it just doesn’t fit my wrist shape. At 40mm it gets swallowed and the short lugs means it sits there like a bump in a log a bit like a Doxa or smaller Tunas.
It’s on a Barton (I think) strap at present but I have the original chunky one somewhere as well as the box.
Prices new are all over the shop from £140-£230 so how about £100 including postage.

Some pictures.
Original strap

Lume is good

Current strap.

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Reduced to £80 make it go away someone…

Now sold. Thanks for looking. Wobble ftang. Now it’s not similar to what I just posted. Bastard.