Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff

I have a sizeable collection of DVDs (4-500?), mainly SciFi and Action movies which I want to give away.

You will have to bring your own boxes to collect them from near Coventry. Sorry but I will not list titles or post.


I’m really tempted to come have a look at these. Are you trying to move the whole lot in one go, or is picking allowed? I somehow don’t think Mrs flea would allow me back into my house with another 400 dvd’s, even if I could find a space for them!

I might actually have more like 700. :slight_smile:

I was hoping to move them on as a job lot. If they’ve not gone by the end of the month, I’ll consider splitting up.

I was going to ask if anyone from round your end could bring them to Lopwell for me, Sci-Fi and Action go down well in our house, but 700 DVDs is asking a lot for an Abattoir Ambulance…

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Well, after a delicate discussion I might just be able to work her around actually. :grin:

Plan might be to then collect & sort to pick out what I don’t have, add what I am finished with from mine own stash then pass on to the next meatman interested?

Assume you need this done this weekend then Ian?

Don’t know when or where Lopwell is or who is going from around here, but would be happy to try and work something into the plans to accommodate to this @Rob998 .

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Lopwell is one of our Annual pagan festivals in a galaxy, far, far away (sort of Plymouth).

Depending what car I’m in, and if I’m not sharing, and where you live Kevin, I could possibly take a detour to pick the remainder up.

Sods Law says we have precisely the same taste in movies…

If you find “In Bruge” save it for me at Settle.

Only 699 to go :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

We may well have, but I have almost the same amount again myself that I really need to sort out too. So if you want to make your trip to Plymouth via Brum, even if I did manage to find a lot in there, I am sure I could add quite a few from here in place :grin:

Now to make sure Ian is still on board with this!

Then when you have run your grubby little hands through the pile, you can move them on to the next victim interested party. :+1:

It’s like a free Blockbusters.

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If you’re really desperate, I think I still have some VHS and Beta tapes somewhere to add in there to add to that ambience :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Also, and more sensibly, I could probably just borrow Claires SMax one day and pop down rather than try and shoehorn it all into a 3 Series…

Beta Pre-recorded are probably worth a good few quid…

Before Lopwell is fine. I’m definitely around the next couple of weekends.

Oooh. Guess I should look and see what might be buried. There would only be a handful of betamax I know after ll these years, the Philips2000 are long gone now :joy:

Quite a few music videos on VHS still, somewhere in the mess.

And you’re welcome down anytime when/if we get anywhere with this. If Mrs flea knows you are taking some of my shit out of the house, she’ll probably bake a cake in your honour :joy::rofl:

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There is only one rule → you cannot be judgemental about some of the more questionable items. :slight_smile:



If you saw some of my dire taste, you would never need worry!

To whit - last dvd purchase to arrive through the letter box, George of the Jungle :joy::rofl:

Beat that!

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I’m not falling for that trick - it’s the oldest one in the book!


Whats you max attendance?