Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Get rid of your old shite that you can’t be arsed to take to the tip here…

Here we go:

Last chance saloon for this stuff, before I actually do take it to the tip.

Aiwa L50 cassette deck. Needs new belts, but if you haz d’skillz, a nice sounding deck with a small footprint.

QED 3 way tape switching unit. DIN sockets unfortunately so maybe only for connecting up some properly old stuff, unless you can be arsed making RCA to DIN adaptors. Or you can buy them for a quid each here: https://www.kenable.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=7350&gclid=Cj0KEQiAwrbEBRDqxqzMsrTGmogBEiQAeSE6ZcxHSzaEo2PzCYrVV8ODrmk4sAGqktqDGcSBd8UjxQcaAlsQ8P8HAQ

BA surge protected multiway plug. (2 off)

I got these with the intention of making a couple of hydras, but got a big trailing socket instead… Each plug accepts 4 cables up to a max of 13 amps, so 4 x 3 amp hifi boxes should be fine to run off this. Boxed, never used & including instruction sheet.

Would prefer pick up on the cassette deck because I am lazy. If you really want it and are too far away then I might be persuaded to box it up and post it at cost.

The other stuff is little so free, no charge for postage.

Free stuff

Hydra plugs gone to @Spider, hope they don’t burn your house down or anything. As far as I know they’re not manufactured in the Nene Valley so should be fine.


Bump for the poor ickle cassette deck and switch thingy. They are shortly to be skip bound. …


Switchy doo da claimed by @pmac, probably for trying not to blow up his SUT.

Poor Aiwa retro hipster cassette revival machine is feeling all sad and left out…



Two tape recorders + pre with one tape loop = :disappointed:

Two tape recorders + pre with one tape loop + QED switchy thingy = :smile:



Excellent. Tape is ace.


I have a 3 into 1 input thingy if you need another


Bit of a long shot but anyone want a LP12 sub chassis and arm board cut for a Linn Ittok? Includes 3 year old springs, grommets and screws.

I’ll pay postage if you bung a drink to a busker or charity. Or bring to Scalford.

Let me know asap so I can give the Scalford charity an option.


Arrived today, thank you!


Hope you it works out for you Paul.

Micks Fruitbox stuff looks generous, kudos.


Free of charge, vinyl LP of this

Brand new, unplayed. Don’t ask.

It’s currently in Malvern, or I can bring it to London, or you can tell me what to buy to post it.


Wouldn’t mind having that off you Guy :+1:

We could meet up somewhere in town.



Excellent. I’ll bring it back to London today and then we can arrange something.


Nice one! Cheers Guy.


Pair of acoustic foam corner bass traps - decent nick.

Collection from Northampton NN6, or I can bring them to Pete’s bake-off next week if someone can arrange a taxi from there?


Paul can I give them a go if you still have them.


Can you bring on Saturday, be interested to try these in the room. Putting the Finos in my room really helped the bass of the LVs.


I will bring them on Saturday.:+1:


Have to say the Gik panels I got on Saturday are really bloody impressive and even at rrp of £250’ish (I paid £100 the pair😄) will be some of the best bang for your buck if you have speakers near corners.
I tried the system without any bass traps at all and it was close to unlistenable.:worried:


Could you share a link to the Gik panels you bought please?