Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff

Right. Through a series of cock-ups I’ve been left holding the baby with this magnificent bastard.

I pressed what I thought was the CD eject and it turns out that it plays cassettes too.

5 CD changer. It comes from the era when the ability to play mp3 and WMA burnt onto CDs was seen as desirable.

Nasty spring-clip speaker cable terminations. RCA aux in, and optical out :exploding_head:

The speakers, frankly, don’t look great

Comes with mains cable, remote, instructions, RCA interconnect and AM and FM antennae.

Anyway, might suit someone’s garage, kids, whatever. It seems a shame just to chuck it in the tip.

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I might now some-one who is looking for a starter set up for their son and this might fit the bill. Can it be packed or do we need a meat-van?

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Do you have any of these left Jim ?

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Yes Chris, send me a pm with your addy :+1:

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Pick-up would obviously be preferable but if and when I get a big sturdy box I’ll weigh it and see what Parcelfucks would cost.

Sorry Guy I responded to @hoopsontoast post :blush:

The rejection :sob:

Does nobody want my thing that lights up and plays WMA files from CDs?


Nice try though :smile:

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I’ve got plenty of people’s addresses kicking around in PMs here.

Might just send it out to someone at random.


Maybe not so random.

New business plan.

“Say, that’s a nice hi-fi you’ve got there. It would be a shame if somebody sent you a blingy boombox from ~2002.”


Send it to him anyway!


Now decided to keep it.

The nasty sofa is still available though :+1:

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