Spotify and Squeezebox

Looks like Spotify want to increase my enjoyment of their product by switching it off.

Does Tidal work on Squeezebox?


We want to give you a heads up that Spotify support will soon be removed from your Squeezebox speaker.

We want to make playing Spotify on your speaker and other devices better and easier which means regrettably that we sometimes have to discontinue device-specific integrations.

Really! Bloody hell, there goes my plans then…

this may help

Thanks Colin.
Looks like that will be the way to go.
At the moment I also stream Spotify in the car from my phone. Is there a phone app for Tidal?

I got this too; unbelievable !!!

Tidal doesn’t have anything like the catalogue that Spotify does for the stuff I listen to :frowning:

All is not lost @Kevin :slight_smile:

You can use Spotify on your phone and cast it to the SBT via chromecast - Yippee !!! :smiley:

Googles Chromecast

there is a phone app for android 's

It’s a very simple, very cheap (c.£25) Audio Streamer, made by Google. Decent enough.

I am just pissed off with these companies arbitrarily withdrawing support for features. I can no longer get you tube on my TV because Panasonic stopped supporting it after they sold it as a feature!
My instinct is to tell Spotify to go fuck themselves.
I can access it through the Amazon firestick although the interface is shit and take the digital out of the TV to the DAC. I don’t want to buy a chromecast and have to use my phone.
What a pain in the arse.

Yes, it’s a real problem with renting a service as opposed to buying the physical media.

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I don’t use Spotify as a main source. I use it to inform my buying decisions. After listening to Spotify playing the vinyl is like an instant hifi upgrade. I also think artists should be paid properly so am quite happy to buy the physical media.

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Same as that.

I’m using spotify on an amazon echo dot, brilliant bit of kit.

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I am a technological god, I have successfully downloaded some code things and am now streaming music from the very laptop I type through the SB.

I have amazed myself.

Read and weep cave dwellers…

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Presumably it’s just the official Spotify plugin that’s being removed? The Triode one should still work. Worth checking on the Squeezebox forums?

Tidal works fine on Squeezebox, it has an official plugin.

Just install Spotty.

Yes, I have done that now it works fine.

more info for any one else interested

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I need to have a look at this myself when I get a minute…

on The Shitty Jobs I Really Must Get Round to Doing When I Can Be Arsed list too.