Spotify Connect Device

I’ve just bought a CDP with a DAC built in, to trial an idea, whats the easiest/fuss free digital device to output Spotify Connect via Optical/Coax into the DAC?

All I need is Spotify Connect and possibly Internet Radio. I’ve not streamed anything from my NAS in all the time I’ve had the little Yamaha (for reference, it does not have digital out).

Is it a Raspberry Pi?

Chromecast and use Spotify connect?

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Chromecast audio or if you an Xbox or PlayStation with toslink out that could work

I use this:

Logitech Touch?

I had looked at these bit its a bit OTT as all I need is the digital side, not the pre-amp, inputs, DAC etc.

I probably have a spare Chromecast Audio if you want to try one

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So with the Chromecast, I just need a HDMI converter?

It has a digital out (optical)

Edit: that’s the Chromecast audio

Well, it does double up as an easy access device, and you can access that NAS, should you wish to use it.

Ah, that makes more sense as it appears its discontinued. I thought I was going mad…

Yeah never trust Google to stick with a simple, effective product

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Have a chromecast audio here if you want to try it Rob.


Well that saves me a trip to the post office :+1::+1::grin:

You’ll need a cable like this

No no, sorry a hadn’t read the thread! Dont let me stop you :wink:

I really want you to stop me :rofl:

Really. I’m that lazy.

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But the Post Office is such a lovely place, one of us needs to pay @Rob998 wages.

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A laptop and a USB DAC (or a converter) will do the biz with any of t hese onlinne services.

Once you’ve tried CCA (optical out), the upgrade path is;
Get the Lan adapter. Try that for a while…
Then cut it up, remove the horrible switching mode psu and feed it some nice linear 5v.

The quality improvement yielded by these 2 things has to be heard to be believed.

Be aware that streaming hi-res stuff from Qobuz and the like into some dacs results in dropouts.
I only ever had problems at 24/96.
Setting to CD quality only in Qobuz, solved the problem.
It’s a known fault that Google never sorted before the CCA plug got pulled.

Upgrade three; reach for the stars;
Run the optical out through a Mutec reclocker (about £600). Then it really blows you away. That’s when I had the drop out problem though).