Spotify to become Lossless Quality

Good news for those like me who have ended up paying for both Spotify and Tidal to please a household;


That’s good, their GUI is the best from those I’ve tried.


Wondering if Roon will integrate Spotify, it will become a point where many people will ditch one service or another, and may see some disappear.

I would dump Tidal if Spotify went lossless.
Especially if they keep the same pricing structure


I would imagine they’ll look to compete with Amazon at £15 or so

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Irony is I’m looking at tuners and reel to reel machines :roll_eyes:


I will be keeping a very keen eye on this :+1:

I doubt they will, the issue has always been full access to their API for the metadata scraping and whatnot, rather than for SQ reasons. Roon have said Spotify Connect doesn’t give them what they need.

We have Spotify for the family, and I have Tidal also. Tidal will get the boot if this definitely happens…

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I have Spotify and Tidal. I can forsee a cull!

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Wishful thinking, I use Roon with Tidal, and would dearly love to ditch Tidal as I hate using it outside of Roon. But without Tidal, Roon would become a weakened front end for me.

Sure they’ll find a way for me to carry on paying twice.

I have amazon Hd and Spotify - Spotify has a greater selection of music I hope they do go lossless but I’m guessing it will be popular titles first.

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Agree 100%

That’s my set up and ideal outcome

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Tidal and Qobuz for me with Roon, Spotify for the girls.
Will probably drop Tidal for Spotify then.

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I’d dump Qobuz and Volumio interface PDQ.
Hopefully Spotify connect would just work as is - no Virtuoso needed?

Already have Spotify family.

Hope little Brexitted Britain is a selected market!

I’m far from convinced 24/this and 24/ that is really sounding any better.
Well made CD stuff can sound just as good.
Some of the existing Spotify catalogue is nicely remastered as it is.

My Qobuz sub is due in April hmmm?!
Virtuoso ditto!


Not sure if HD is that much better either. I have Tidal and Qobuz cos of Roon, yet sometimes I get the feeling Qobuz HD is more spatial.
Didn’t bother to compare HD vs 16/44 extensively, yet CD usually wins from streaming in my set up.
Concentrate more on the music and discovery of new artists, less on SQ.


I would also drop Tidal if Spotify goes lossless just for the fact that I always found much more new (to me) music on Spotify than I ever have on Tidal.


I’m Spotify-only. Tried Qobuz and gave it the bum’s rush.

I would be very happy if and when Spotify goes at least 16/44.1 and it works on Sonos.

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Can anyone suggest reliable software to backup streaming service libraries and share between services?