Spring Record sale


Getting lighter but still cold. Warm yourself up by listening to some tunes.

More to be added.

Abbreviations used within the listing:-

BP - Record collector book price

1st = 1st Pressing

D = double album

dc=deletion cut-out, the record has a small deliberate corner cut or hole on the sleeve to indicate it was either sold as ‘end of line’, imported or used for promotional purposes.

gf=gatefold sleeve.

inner=original printed, picture or lyric inner sleeve.

insert=printed lyric sheet, etc.

woc=writing on cover

wol=writing on label.

RE = Reissue

Rw=ring wear

s= sealed

t= slight tear on cover

ti = tear or rip on inner sleeve

tins = tear on insert

ts= slight or split tear on spine or top or bottom edge

tis = inner sleeve has a split on spine

te= slighty tatty round the edges

cc= creased corner

P= promo copy

st= stain where sticker used to be

ls = large stain

ss = slight stain

sol = stain on label

Soi = stain on inner

sos = sticker on sleeve

sol = sticker on label

tl = tear on label

tws = tear where the sticker used to be

US = US pressing

JP = Japan Pressing

OBI = Sash around the sleeve

PS = picture sleeve

CS = Generic record company sleeve

  • = Sale Pending

Postage and packing will start from £3.50 for a up to 5 records. It will be sent via 2nd class Royal Mail. PM for other other amounts.

Will ship worldwide.

Overseas records will be worked out depending on the number of records and distance.

Gradings are visual. It goes Cover/Record


Adams, Johnny - Room With A View Of The Blues (Ex/Ex) £5

Armand, Rene - The Rain Book (P, dc) (VG/NM) £5

Armatrading, Joan - Whatever’s for us (dc, gf, US) £5

Armatrading, Joan - Joan Armatrading (insert) (Ex/Ex) £3

Astley, Jon - Everyone loves the pilot (except the crew) (VG+/NM) £2.50


B52 - Cosmic Thing (inner, t) (VG+/VG+) £3

Baez, Joan - Very Early Joan (D) (Ex/Ex+) £5

Baez, Joan - Come from the shadows (gf) (Ex+/Ex) £5

Baez, Joan - Gracias a la Vida (inner) (NEx/Ex+) £4.50

Blues Brothers - Made in America (VG/Ex) £2.50


Carmichael, Hoagy - Hoagy Carmichael sings Hoagy Carmichael (Vg+/Ex+) £2.75

Carnes, Kim - Mistaken Identity (inner) (VG/VG+) £3

Clannad - Past Present (inner)(VG+/VG+) £2.50

Climie Fisher – Everything (inner) (VG+/VG) £2.50


Danny Wilson – Meet Danny Wilson (dc, US) (Ex/M) £4

Dax, Danielle - Inky Bloaters (inner)(Ex/VG+) £5

Deacon Blue – When the world knows your name (gf) (Ex/NEx) £3

Depeche Mode – A broken Frame (inner)(VG+/VG+) £4.50

Devils In Disguise ‎– Revealed (NM/Ex) £5.75

Dr Hook – Bankrupt (insert) (Ex/Vg+) £3

Doctor & the Medics – Laughing at the pieces (VG/Ex) £3

Double - Blue (inner) (NE/E) £3.50

Dramatis – For future reference (inner)(VG/VG+) £4.50


Elton, Ben - Motormouth (gf, booklet) (Vg+/Ex) £3


Fischer Z – Reveal

Fun Boy Three – The best of


Gabriel, Peter - Ein Deutsches album (inner, insert)(VG+/E)£


Harris, Emmylou - Profile, Best of (inner) (VG+/Ex) £3

Kim Carnes – Mistaken Identity (inner) (VG+/VG+) £2.50


Jennylee ‎– Right On! (inner) (Ex/Ex) £5.50


Lennon, John - Rock ‘n’ Roll (VG+/VG+) £3

Level 42 – The pursuit of accidents (insert) (VG+/Ex+) £3.50

Level 42 – World machine (inner) (Vg/Vg+) £2.50

Level 42 – running in the family (inner) (EX/Ex) £3

Level 42 – Level best (inner) (Ex/Ex) £3.50

Lindisfarne - Lindisfarne’s Finest Hour (Ex/Ex) £3.50


Maze - Can’t stop the love (inner)(VG/VG+) £2.50


.O.Rang ‎– Fields And Waves (D, Gf) (VG/NM) £50


Piaf, Edith - The world of Piaf (NEx/Ex+) £3.75

Poppy, Andrew – The Beating of wings (inner) (Ex/Ex) £3.50

Pretenders - II (inner)(E/E) £3


Simon, Paul - There goes Rhymin’ Simon (gf) (Ex/Ex) £3.50

Skin Lagoon – Adventures in the love trade (inner) (Ex/Ex) £3

Spandau Ballet - True (inner) (Ex+/VG+) £3

Sting - Nothing like the sun (D, insert, booklet) (Ex/NM) £5


Texas – Southside (inner, dc) (VG+/NM) £3

The Art Of Noise - In Visible Silence (inner) (VG+/Ex) £4.50

The Dance Band – Fancy Footwork (VG+/VG+) £3

The Dream Academy - The Dream Academy (US, inner) (VG+/VG) £2.50

The League Unlimited Orchestra – Love and dancing (VG/NM) £3

The Merrymen ‎– You Sweeten Me (NEx/Ex+) £4

The Michael Schenker Group ‎– One Night At Budokan (GF, D) (Ex/Ex+) £5.50

Terence Trent D’arby – Introducing the hardline according to (inner) (Ex/NEx)


Ullman, Tracey - you broke my heart in 17 places (Ex+/Ex+) £3


Vangelis - The best of Vangelis (Ex/VG+) £3


Wilde, Kim – Another Step (inner) (VG+/VG+) £3


Young, Paul – No Parlez (inner) (Ex/Ex) £3