Squeezebox duet - dead

My squeezebox duet has died. Has anyone got a duet or touch they no longer require and are willing to sell ?

What has died, the remote or the player? I might have a player somewhere…

It’s the player, no led’s working and it can’t be seen on the LAN. There is power on it though as I can see red from the optical connector.

I’ll have a look in the basement tomorrow

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Sorry, I don’t think I have it any more. Must have given it away a while back.

Why don’t you get a Chromecast Audio? They’re dead cheap and you can use a plug-in that makes it work exactly like the Duet Receiver. Plus you can cast other music to it from your phone.

I might have a duet. Welcome to it if I can find it.

Will take me a while to look though as buried under the stairs and I can’t access it for a few days.

I do have a Chromecast Audio, but was unaware that it could work with LMS. Do you know the name of the plug in?

That would be great. Thank you.

I have tried the LMS plug in , but can’t get it to install.

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So would like to take up your kind offer @cobbler

Castbridge is the plugin, it worked well for me. Seems you’re sorted now anyway :+1: