SSD adaptors

I have retrieved the SSD from my dead Lenovo laptop.
90% of what is on there is backed up but of course I need something that isn’t.
I have looked on Amazon and there are loads of drive to USB adapter leads but I am not sure exactly what I need.
Any guidance gratefully accepted.

Summat like this will probably do the job.

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You don’t need the whole enclosure, just something like this, if you only need to copy stuff off it.

I also wouldn’t go for the cheapest one as they sometime don’t work.

Search for “USB to SATA cable”

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Oh FFS… it never ceases to amaze me how people thick enough to buy tat like that amass the money to do so


I bought a Startech when I needed to recover stuff from an SSD.
It worked perfectly.

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Thanks to everyone that replied.
I have ordered the Startech thingy


same here - seem to work fine



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I received this cable a few days ago.
I couldn’t believe the improvement in boot time! Wow!
Still assessing the audio improvement but the noise floor is lowered significantly.
How long does it take for the cable to break in?

Audiophile = twat with too much money and no sense

But, but, I thought the whole “super SATA” thing had been done to death.

I guess the charlatans waited for the furore to die down then carried on as usual.

USB to SATA Startech thingy turned up today,
My previous laptop was originally a W7 device, I bought it refrurbed and they had added a partition with W10 and all associated files.
Took me a while to find them but everything copied over succesfully now.
Did I say 90% of it was backed up?
Only in my dreams!!! :grinning: