St Albans oriental restaurants

Claire is taking FoL#1 Ellie down to St Albans tomorrow to meet a friend.

They’re looking for somewhere to eat tomorrow night, and Ellie likes Korean/oriental.

Is this place any good?

Kimaya is very much hit and miss, I’ve had great food there but also poor food and service.

Sushimania is good if you’re hungry and go for the all you can eat sushi. You use the app and food just appears. Expensive if you order a la carte or aren’t hungry enough though!

The best Thai is Thai Rack, which is always good.


agreed a bit hit and miss

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a bit hit and miss in our experience, more miss. Pin Petch was always better for us, but that is gone

yes a la carte is pricey


They went to Wagamama. :roll_eyes:



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