OK so my e class convertible has ridiculous 19 inch rims which are ‘staggered’ 255/30 at the back 235/35 at the front. Having now had it 6 months or so and driven through winter I always accepted that it was a bit squirrely out of junctions if you put the boot in.
Now I have a slow puncture in the front 255/30 tyre… Haaaang on a mo. Something ain’t right here.
Yes I have the back tyres on the front and the front tyres on the back - not sure if the correct tyres are on the correct rims. I have a man coming in 15 minutes to point and laugh and hopefully fix it.

You really couldn’t make this shit up.


Fat tyres at the front, thin tyres at the rear? That’ll work well:)

alloy is cracked - fucking steaming. FML

Anyone recommend a decent make for alloys?
BBS, Oz and some other names from the 80’;s when I gave a fuck about such things seem to be about still but no idea if they are still good or are just names taken over by shit merchants.

Well there goes this years watch fund…

A set of stock alloys would always be my choice. I think after market alloys tend to look a bit shit.

There are specialist salvage yards, for Merc’s. Get one replacement alloy from them

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Every 2nd hand alloy I can find has been welded as they are known for cracking if you look at them wrong or is from abroad so 20% more expensive- thank you gammon cunts.
Also the current alloys have tyres that are either too big or too small on them they are 8.5j with 255/30 and 235/35 so not horrible but wrong.
Just fucked off with the whole thing. Bloody cars.

Get it repaired, I’m sure if you go to a good repairer they will do a good job.

Just imagine if you had an RX-8