"Stanced" (ridiculous lowerings)


Which is moar rong tho’…stancing or donking? :thinking:


All of it
Fuckers who get this done should invest in an advanced driving course instead, would be of far more value to them and everyone else.


They’ll need if it they intend to drive on public roads with about -15 degrees of camber.:rofl:


Bobs dream car right there.


Doing this properly means expensive air suspension. At the flick of a swich the car will rise up 2+ inches so they’re very drivable and can clear speed bumps.

I like the stanced look esp on older cars. Pretty much everything in this thread is a caricature of what it should be (imo).


I wonder if there is a car stancing forum with a thread on it about people with mad HiFi systems…



Yes. Very Cheshire :+1:


Tis not a new thing


Please tell me that’s not a real Miura…:scream:



I believe this sort of thing goes down well with people who think you can make a VW Passat cool by fitting 22" alloys to it.

Not my cup of tea.




Fucking lol. :rofl:


Wonder if I should post the VW Beadle in here after that last one?


Is that Donald Trump’s car?


How can it not be in the public interest to investigate a crime?

I’d take it up with your MP. I did this recently and the Police got their are in gear pronto once the MP contacted them.