"Stanced" (ridiculous lowerings)

I quite like the slammed down look on custom cars, but some take it to silly extremes. I believe they call it having your car “stanced”.

I call it ‘Having your car ruined’.

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I agree Rob, I’ll bet it’s not cheap either! :thinking:

Cars are allowed to have a top wishbone.

So good.

No that’s a fail :slight_smile:

Speaking of car modifications, how is yours?

Still dented - Tesco’s appointed body shop are collecting it next Friday :+1:

Also had an email back from the boys in blue:

“After consideration of all of the available evidence and in view of this being a damage only incident, it has been decided that it would not be in the public interest to pursue a prosecution in this case. As a result, no further action will be taken”


It’s especially good on luxury motors that probably used to ride quite comfortably before being ruined, I mean made awesome.

“Oooh, nice car you have. I know how to make it moar betterer and you’ll only need to change your tyres every 500 miles…”




Assume the other driver’s insurance will be paying?

I really hope so because my excess is £700 :worried: but not heard back yet from Tesco. The vehicle that did the damage was insured and we had a witness, so I’m hopeful.

If you have the driver’s details, you should be ok…

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Saw this one on tv yesterday - Texas Metal

slammed =/= stanced
stanced +++= cunt

More of a donk man myself :sunglasses:

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