Standing desks

Who’s got one at home or work and what did you go for? The full desk experience or something on top of a regular desk that can be put away?

My wife bought one last year as she is now working 100% from home, we got one from Ikea, they had a range of versions. It was very easy to put together and works well.

IIRC, it was this one:

It depends if its a specific DSE issue that you want to address, or the flexibility.

We have purchased a couple at work, there are very few people who NEED one but some people do like them, especially with a height adjustable stool, such as these:

No specific issue, I am just sat on my arse a lot.

Have one at work. Not sure of the make and price but knowing my work, it cost megapounds. I stood up a little bit when I first got it. I now forget I have a stand / sit desk - it’s permanently on the sit setting.

Not my choice to get one (work bought one for everyone), so don’t feel bad about not using the stand functionality. It’s rare for me to see any of my colleagues standing either.

It will be of miniscule use to you - it’s the AA way - but when I was a draughtsman (drawing board, not CAD) I used to stand to draw all day. Only sat on my stool when I was taking a break.

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I feel like I’m more productive on the phone when I’m stood up or walking around. But I’ll be in a conversation where we need to screen share or do some other bollocks and it’s back to the desk to sit down.


I have one at work. Press the button for the full desk to adjust. I like it. Standing up working at the computer is quite good. I got it due to sciatic nerve pain but then I got rid of that via exercise but I think it’s good to change position throughout the day if you can.


Already thinking that one of those things you put on your existing desk would be better for me.

I’ve got a few things on my desk like a router, lamp and server that would probably not work well being moved up and down with the rats nest of cables I have.

I really just need an area for a laptop, mouse and notebook to be raised.

I have a few things on it and if you can sort the wires to pop through the hole in the desk then it’s great. Have to have a bit of length on them. It’s just easy once set-up as it’s a press of a button. I had to end up rearranging it as the people at work that did it left the wires a mess and stuff started getting pulled backwards.

I wasn’t given a choice of what to get though. Just got what I was given.

If your thinking of trying a standing desk you could get a cardboard one from these guys. If it works for you then invest in a more expensive one. I have one of there normal desks and have done since May last year and its lasting very well. I pop it behind the flat screen at night as I don’t have room for a permanent desk without having work in my home 24x7 which I am keen to avoid.

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Friend at work has a standing desk with a treadmill under it, noticed on teams calls she was bobbing around a bit and asked what was causing it, does several miles a day whilst working with mostly no one noticing


I thought it was a tumble drier

was she charging her laptop with it?

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