Stands Unique - 3 tier rack - £40

For sale is my nice looking, highly rated Stands Unique 3 tier rack.

10mm safety glass shells, Ash legs

Very good condition bar 1 fairly shallow 2" scratch on the middle shelf.

£40 collected- you won’t find cheaper.

Will now post at your risk and cost.

Do you have a pic Mike?

It’s in bits Ritchie but I’ll try to get one off t’interweb.


That’s a very good price. I might well have had it to go alongside my two, but mine are in dark wood not ash.


Thanks Graeme.

I’ve certainly priced it to sell; I’ve not seen one anywhere near as low priced as this.

I forgot to say, the middle shelf is adjustable in about 1" increments.

@Wayward It’s the 3 Tier version of this Ritchie -

Nice rack.

Sorry for delay!

I was hoping it was lower and wider, so I could put a telly on it. Was unaware of what they look like before I saw the pic. Thanks anyway Mike. :+1:

It’s 18" high and 28 1/2" wide if that’s of any use ?

Just been and measured, height is great but too narrow for TV base. :unamused:


No worries :slight_smile:

Will now post at your cost and risk.

How much would postage / courier be Mike?

No more than a tenner I should think Rob

Go on then. PP friend/family ok?

Fine Rob; I’ll pm details.


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Hi, did you ever sell this stand?

Hiya David,

Sorry, I did.