Star Wars. Which option?


You lot moan like fuck

It’s Star Wars. Either watch it and shut up. Or don’t watch it and fuck off.

With 257 episodes so far there’s nothing more left to be said.

Everyone knows that if you want to see it on the big screen, the bigger the better. And the sound is as important, so go Dolby Bigbollocks.

As for the dialogue, now George has gone we are all safe.


Well said. That is remarkably coherent too. I’m surprised you are still sober this late on a Friday :wink:



Sadly untrue, while the Lucas dialogue was dire it’s become some kind of idée fixe that they can’t change now. There was some terrible acting as well, perhaps because there was no way to act those lines.

That’s not why you go see this :blush:



The current films are light years (parsecs) ahead in terms of scripts.


Your reference point must be the Emoji movie.


The original trilogy (especially A New Hope) was Lucas’ homage to the films he watched as a child (sci-fi, westerns, rip-roaring adventures), the ridiculous scripts and cliche ridden dialogue were part of the fun.
The rest of them are just shit films.


Good line.


And certain comic books that clearly influenced him.


Curzon Mayfair tomorrow, because it looks like some kind of weird 60s modernist Aztec mash up.

Also, they have a good bar.


I’ll go at some point because my children want to see it but honestly I think Star Wars is awful. I would like to choose the avoid option.
I was 13 or something and too old when the original movie came out and thought it sucked. By the time the Jedi were returning and flying through forests on hover boards with little furry creatures I was beyond done and ready to kill. How it has been stretched out in all directions for countless movies bends my mind.


Because we’re all just praying for another Empire Strikes Back :pray:


Watching some of the cast on Graham Norton.

LOL. Mark Hamill is Dave Slagle.


I adored it.

As a nipper I took a pack up to the trilogy, back to back. Must have been about ten.

It’s massive for a reason, and it’s bever been about the small details!


Just returned from watching it. If you’re a fan you are in for a treat. It’s brilliant. Especially that bit where…


My dad took me to see the first one in 77 when I was the ripe old age of 5 and we’ve watched them all since, thought they were all shite after the original 3 but it’s a tradition now and pretty sure Disney will drag them out for a few more years yet.

Tickets booked for the 23rd late afternoon show then a few beers and steak after at…