Star Wars. Which option?

There seems to be a lot of different options, from 4DX, Imax, regular 2D etc.

Which is the best one?

None of the above. You need to go and see it live.



All of them.
See it in every option and then tell us which was best.

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Backwards. You can hear the devil talk to you.

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All Jar-Jar version.

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Star Wars on Ice


I went with 2d. IMAX is nice though if you have one local.

I’m going local IMAX 3d, because I can. Trailers look shit though

From the trailers, the dialogue still looks clunky. I know it’s a kids’ film, but when you’re lobbing $200m+ or whatever at it, you’d think someone would spend more than 20 minutes on the script.


Went IMAX at MK for the last one. Not sure about 4dx.



It’s fucking Star Wars, of course the dialogue is clunky :smile:

Budget - £100m special effects, £20m sets and design, £29.9m on actors and costumes, £0.1m on script. Fact.

Meh, the book is better…

Saw it at the MK cineworld ‘superscreen’ which is a kind of happy shopper IMAX, and therefore shit, as the IMAX was sold out.
If you care about such things make the effort and see it in IMAX. 3d or 2d your choice.

Superscreen wasn’t that super thanks to the screen being big vertically so you get bars top and bottom, sound was meh and the ‘italian designed’ seats were uncomfy as fuck (shiny pleather and no padding for todays kidney killing length movies). Avoid this travesty.

Most of my workmates and me got the chance to watch it at the small arty cinema in our complex this afternoon instead of doing work. It was a great way to spend 2.5 hours.

IMAX 3D Sunday.

Will try and book the MK IMAX for over the Christmas period.

The 3d didn’t add much tbh, regular IMAX would be fine

Edit: apart from a cool bit at the start