For @pmac more than anyone else, you might be interested to sign up for the beta. Apparently it’s available in the UK.

Drink Elon’s koolaid.

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I’m getting Motorola Iridium flashbacks. I worked (very tangentially) on the project, and to my untutored eye it didn’t help that the phones looked a lot like sex toys and cost, like, a bazillion quid.

I know at one point they were planning to “de-orbit” (i.e. crash) the satellites but it looks like that didn’t happen.

I am also getting distinct echos of stuff like Inmarsat.

Ouch, £89 per month!

Available in my area but too much to bother with.


Goddamn, is Elon Shetland shaming again?

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If you live in a rural area with no fast broadband it’s a lot cheaper than the £20k you have to pay to Openreach!

I would happily pay £89/month for fast broadband.

Fair play. Makes it unaffordable for a lot of people in remote areas though, I would have thought.

Lots of rural businesses would love 300Mb/s for £90/m.


Serious question; what is the going rate for 300Mb/s via non Starlink means? I can get 500mb/s via Fibre to home (through your faves Vodafone) for £38/m but fibre to home is still fairly rare isn’t it?

Sounds about right. I can get 500Mb for similar money through VM. They’re rolling out 1Gb in selected cities right now too. I guess the point is there are still lots of places in the UK where 10Mb would be considered a luxury.

I agree. My thinking was more that “good” DSL tops out at about 80mb. If you don’t have FTH infrastructure, going above that, even in urban areas can be a bit of a challenge. Starlink probably has worth even when you’re not in the sticks.

It still won’t match fibre for ping/latency. They’re aiming for 14-16ms which is something like double a good low latency fibre/copper service.

It’ll be interesting to see what that small increase in latency does to a multi person zoom. Might still be just fine even with several people with starlink

16ms is not horrendous. Early satellite services in the 2000s were.

I can only get 30mb/s, won’t change until we can get fttp which could be years, but £90 a month for 50-150mb/s with expected periods of no service at all is a bit steep for now.

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Still want because satellite internet :star_struck: