Staying in London

Going to be spending 2 nights in London in Feb, just the wife and me. Any recommendations for places to stay, especially if they are cheap?

We used to stay in Sussex Gardens when i worked in Paddington some years back,can’t remember the name,but was a fair bit cheaper than elsewhere

Not Bromley. May is going to nuke it.

Seriously, Guy told me :+1:

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Soulless but good location…

Premier Inn Kings Cross

OK Burgers downstairs, 5 Guys up the road and Spiritland the opposite direction.

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do you need to be near any particular area or landmark?

Good shout.

Or the Premier Inn by County Hall.

Some American friends always stay there when they’re in London. It’s basic, clean, cheap and central.

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Not really. Train is to / from Paddington, that’s about it.

Good call. Great location, reasonable, and nice for the price.
Have stayed there.

Point A Hotel near Paddington Station.

that’s ok, but I should say when we stayed there we the room was filthy when we checked in.

We used the Hilton cos it is convenient, but that might not be in budget. The Chilworth around the corner is nice, and a tad cheaper than the Hilton

It’s quite cheap with a good rating. Hotel Indigo London is near the Station?

Wait, it’s Euston, not Paddington. Herp derp.

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Premier Inn at St Pancras.

it’s a dump

you might find somewhere near Euston square or Bloomsbury.

My office was nearby; when someone came from the provinces they would stay here. It was known as the Good Enough.

Exactly. Cheap as well.

I reckon Phil would be banned fairly quickly.


Well in true AA style I have booked an AirBnB a few minutes walk from the Tower of London and therefore ignored every bit of advice in this thread :smiley: