Step down advice

I think this goes here.

Amateur question, as with anything technical.

What sort of transformer would I need to go from UK mains to 100V 3 phase ?


A transformer won’t do that.

Exactly why I asked. What will do that Edd ?

I’m thinking of buying a DP-80 TT and it’s 3 phase.

It won’t be 3 phase in, a lot of tt motors are brushless dc/3 phase but all of that is done by the electronics wizardry in the tt.

OK, so I should be OK with a standard step down ?


Airlink transformers are very good for 100V

That’s what I have :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Edd

I’m a Denon turntable owner and as Edd has said the 3 phase only refers to internal electronics. You need to supply it either 240 or 100 volts AC depending on whether it is set up for the UK or Japan.

Thanks Graham. I already own a DP-3000, fed by an Airlink step down, but the fact that the DP-80 is 3 phase confused me, so I just wanted to check.